Peridyym Shift Ep 005: Goblin Problem
Peridyym Shift
Peridyym Shift
Peridyym Shift Ep 005: Goblin Problem

Will our band make it deeper into the cave? Fight alongside our players as we rejoin Peridyym Shift, now in progress…
Game Scenario based on The Goblin Undertaking, a –based adventure by Larry Roberts
Alan White—artist & author of The Power Principle

Our players are:
Bob Frantz– author of Monty The Dinosaur
Anton Kromoff–Designer, writer:
Jim Dietz— Social Media Strategist at Action Lab Entertainment:
Dean Stahl—Artist/writer Headlock & Headaches
Dennis Black & Asian –co-host to Dork Trek
John Bunger –Artist of Computer animation and illustration & DM of Douglas n Dragons!
Soundtracks provided by Kevin MacLeod’s Incompetech
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