Douglas and Dragons and Pathgrinders 3 Die Deep are Pathfinder actual-play podcasts that co-exist in a shared universe. The adventures are created by game master John Bunger and take place in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. Goodpencil Podcasts are a part of Goodpencil Games, a collection of John’s rpg creations: maps, npcs, pre-generated characters, etc.

Douglas and Dragons features players that came together from all over the US (and Canada) through the indie comicbook community on Twitter:

  • Doug Michel plays O’Shea Jackson, Human Fighter
  • Alan White plays Hazarmaveth the Evoker
  • Jason Ford plays Quoven Ironhand the monk
  • Jason Farrell plays Daenlyn Oakhollow, Cleric of Shelyn
  • Sean Fagan played Stan M L Chin the Druid, and we’ll get him back one of these days, damn it!

Pathgrinders 3 Die Deep features guys that played Grand Theft Auto online together as The Comic Book Kings:

  • Jared Cvetas plays Flint Locke the Freebooter
  • John Littrell plays Druce the Hunter
  • Seanyx plays Job, Dwarf Fighter
  • Kevin Coffey plays Duke Laloosh the Brawler