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  1. Jim Reply

    I’ve listened to Every episode of this very fine podcast after learning about it through Douglas and Dragons. I must say, that I much prefer this one to Douglas and Dragons. Doug’n’drag got on my nerves by being too high and finding everything funny when it wasn’t for us who don’t partake. As a result there was too much laughing and not enough content, so I left them for better podcasts… like this one done by the same excellent gamemaster. Lately though I’ve been missing you guys, hope to hear more of your story soon Pathgrinders.

    • jbunger Reply

      Thank you for the comments, Jim. We’ve got one new PG3DD session recorded which will be split into 3 episodes. John Littrel (Druce) is starting the editing process this week, so they should get posted throughout the next month. We are hoping to play again in a week and a half from now. If it all works out, we should have content out on a regular schedule for a while. We only can get this group together once a month or two unfortunately, otherwise we’d have new PG3DD episodes out as often as the the Doug&D crew does! And I do understand where you are coming from. Hopefully you still check out Douglas and Dragons once in a while and don’t drop us completely!

      Thanks again,
      GM John

  2. John L Reply

    Heeeeeeeeeey Jim – thank you for the very kind words (to the Pathgrinders at least, mwa ha ha ha)! What games do you play?

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