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  1. Robert Reply

    Hey, I’m only on Episode 26, but I didn’t want to bury my comments back there! I am really enjoying the podcasts so far and you guys have expanded my role-playing horizons. What I mean is this: you guys play your characters like people, not just murder machines. In other words, you role-play more than just encounters, exploration, and skill checks. It took me a few episodes to get used to, but once I did, it opened up a new realm of possibility for my home games (I play mostly PFS/SFS scenarios because I could play every day and it wouldn’t be enough for me…).

    So keep up the great work, keep posting, and I’m really looking forward to the continuing adventures of the Low Cleft Crew…

    • jbunger Reply

      Thanks for the kind words, Robert! I’m glad you are enjoying the show!


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