PG3DD Season 1 Ep 10: It’s In My Hair!

Can you keep up with all this adventuring?!? The PG3DD crew delve deeper and find more creepiness! They’re in for a fight this time, but perhaps they can put an end to the creation of the mutant goblin abominations that have been plaguing the city of Magnimar!

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  1. Carl Reply

    Loving this podcast. All of you guys are so much fun to listen to. Two questions:

    Is this home brew or a published adventure? (If home brew, extra kudos to the GM for coming up with so much atmosphere.)

    What soundboard are you using for music and the spider’s voice?

    • jbunger Reply

      Hello, Carl! This is John Bunger, the game master for the show. Thanks for listening!

      The adventures are all home brewed concoctions that I come up with, so thanks for the compliment! The setting I use for the adventures, the city of Magnimar, is published content from the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. 95% of the characters the players talk to are my own creation, but sometimes I’ll pull one from the book. About half of the locations are direct pulls from the book, but other stuff, like the sewer temple and some of the local establishments, are also my creations. Here’s a link to the excellent setting book:

      As for the music, the other John (@burntweiners on Twitter) would have to answer that. For the spider’s voice, I just spoke a bunch of creepy nonsense and John put some effects on it. I think he did a good job, because even I was creeped out by it on the re-listen!

      Again, thanks for listening to the show, and thanks for commenting! Have a good day.


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